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Biogas power plant and green logistic centre Tvrdošín

Motto: "Biomass - our energetic future"

Installation project of Biogas power plant in Tvrdošín and the construction of logistic center (of which the company VSV Group, s.r.o. is the investor) represent new possibilities for the treatement of biological waste and the use of renewable sources in Tvrdošín county and Žilina region. The project of Biogas power plants of 800kW has been developped with the support of national budget of Slovak Republic and norwegian grants. The project is divided into part Biogas power plant and part Logistic centre. The part Biogas power plant is cofinanced by Tatrabanka, a.s.

„Green innovations in the industry“ is the project offering the support to the investor and the benefits for the general public, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs at the same time. The goal of the construction of Biogas power plant was to increase the portion of the renewable energy sources in the EU that has promised to increase the portion of using the renewable sources under the strategy for growth Europe 2020. The project calculates with creation of „green“ job positions which number can increase in the future. Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs from the region will be included in the project.

The biogas power plant Tvardošín is the source of electrical energy and the heat, whereby the part of the energy is used for the own use and the rest is distributed to the distribution network. Waste in the form of digestat is in the dryer transformed into the ecologicaly granulated pellets that will be used as bio-fuel and bio-fertilizer.

The Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute is included in this project as one of the main norwegian scientific institutions dealing with the using of forest sources, forest ecology and the environment. One part of the project is research for regeneration of forest vegetation, using of wood mass and research for composition chip for the maximum using effectivity of energy sources.

Project partners 

NIBIO (Partner 1):

One of head norwegian scientific institution, as regards using of forest resources, forest ecology and environment. It is responsible for a number of national mapping systems and sources related to the forestry, agriculture, landscape and environment. The institution is known for high quality of its research activities that form the base for decisions in forestry and decisions of competent authorities. 

It guarantees high quality of scientific tasks´ reports that will be performed during the Project. 

The help of foreign Partner is an important step in the processus of using the energy from renewable sources and effective disposal of bio-waste. Partnership creates support via new technologies, training activities and others. The key benefits are as follows: implementation of inovative methods during the production and using of biomass.  

Norway is the country with high level of environment protection. Norwegian project partner represents a huge contribution in the context of providing the scientific analysis, transmission of knowledge and recommended technologies during the implementation of procedures here in Slovakia. 

The aim of their research of reforestation after wood logging, effective using of wooden mass (wooden chips) intended for the production of biofuel, specification of composition of wooden chips mixture for maximum effectivity using as an energy source.

Urbári (Partner 2): 

The company URBÁRI, s.r.o. was founded via founder´s deed and 100% founder. The main business activity is forestry, logging and processing of rough wood at its own sawmill. The company is producer and procesor of wood and dendromass, has enough experience in using fytomass while taking care of its own and contracted agricultural properties.

Partner presents an agricultural and forestal component of project. The main goal is that waste is being used and waste disposal is going on, emission are being reduced, environmentally friendly technologies are being used and we are creating green jobs and supporting business development.

Partner ensures agricultural production and biomass collecting. He is in charge of collection and transport of biomass (used as entry material) to the biogas power plant. Besides collection of biomass for the logistic centre, the main contribution of Partner is the research in the field of effective using of wooden mass in cooperation with Partner from Norway.

Green Energy (Partner 3): 

The company is active on the slovak market since 2010. It is mainly focused on consultancy in the field of using the renewable sources of energy. Its CEO was in charge of technical part of many energetic projects using renewable sources of energy that were using mainly biomass. Partnership in this project will form new possibilities for investment into purchase of Technologies what will allow to the Partner realize its know-how in this Project.  

As new technologies are being implemented, Partner can apply its know-how while processing biomass and whole logistic centre will work properly. New job positions are necessary in this process and will be made. Partner is also ensuring stable supply of entry material which means stable and effective operation of biogas power plant.  

Aim of the project

As Orava region is in the northwest part of Slovakia, where is strong tradition in cattle breeding (even if there are not so many appropriate conditions as in the southern regions of Slovakia) and plants cultivation, there is huge potential for implementation and spread of technology using renewable sources of energy. 

This is the reason why our company VSV GROUP, s.r.p. decided to build Biogas power plant and whole Logistic centre right here. Our Biogas power plant is an agricultural biogas plant with installed power of 0,8 MW. It is possible to process there manure, liquid manure, plant silage (corn, grass), eventually foliage. Biogas power plant is built close to the farms so supply of entry material is ensured. 

The company VSV GROUP is supporting the positive agricultural changes in the countryside of region and the region itself is becoming stronger. The operation of Logistic centre creates demand for biomass and this supports agriculture in the region. Self-sufficiency of municipalties is getting stronger. In economical point of view, new green jobs are made that can be filled also by long-term unemployed and disadvantaged persons – mainly by persons with low qualification, graduates and so on, what was our intention.

Biomass (also the quantity of biodegradable waste that is being decomposed on the landfill Jurčov Laz) is used here as energy source that is after this process usable by another subjects. Norwegian partner bring into the projects its know-how and its application will make operation of Logistic centre more effective. One of the main contribution of the project realization is recultivation of land near the landfill Jurčov Laz (where Logistic centre is located). 

The company VSV GROUP is highly interested in long-term sustainability of this project, in supporting green innovations in industry, but also in informing the public about operation of Logistic centre Tvrdošín. In the future, we would like to make Open Days right at the Logistic centre Tvrdošín, so anyone can be informed about process at Logistic centre. Non-expert public will have possibility to check whole Centre, to ask the questions and so on. Details will be presented in local media. 

Project realization

During first phase of the Project, building land and fencing were realized. After this preparation phase, biogas plant itself with two fermentors were build. Its total installed power is 0,8 MW, cogeneration unit included. Cogeneration unit ensures combinated production of electrical energy and heat. 

Electrical energy is used for own consumption of Logistic centre and is distributed to the grid also. Heat i sused for heating the fermentors to the required temperature and at drying and pellet line also. After construction of fermentors, we started so-called starting of Biogas power plant, it means that during some months, huge quantities of entry material was used to start the operation of Biogas power plant. After that, lower quantity of entry material is required for its stable operation. First fermentor is used for high production of biogas of high quality, while second one i sused as storage place. Processed material (digestate) is removed from second fermentor and than used. 

As time went by, drying and pellet line were built with power of 1 ton/hour of dry material. Line is located in the hall right next to the Biogas power plant. Drying line for dry material is using heat from cogeneration unit engine in the form of exhaust gases – this is how extra heat is perfectly necessary and fully used. I tis possible to dry material sucha s wooden chips, saw, separate (solid material separated from digestate – end and processed material at Biogas power plant).

Whole Logistic centre is cooperating and no organic material is misused, everything has its high value. 

Project results

Results from above mentionned processus of realization and operation of Logistic centre can be checked at Photogallery. Results were shared with the public during Open Days at Biogas power plant and during Closing conference where achieved datas wwere presented. 

System of project financing

Programme operator (Government Office) provides to the company VSV GROUP, s.r.o. (Project Promoter):

- maximally 90% of Project grant via system of advance payments (financial contribution to the Project Promoter granted by Programme operator for the implementation of Project). Project grant does not include co-financing of Project Promoter and Project Partners

- rest of the amount (10%) via system of refundment. 

After all conditions of Contract are met (clearance of account of at least 50% of grant provided in the previous reporting period), Project Promoter is entitled to get second and then other advance payment (20%).

Project Promoter is obliged to submit to the Programme Operator a Project interim report within 15 working days after the end of each Reporting period. This Project report informs Programme Operator about financial and technical progress at Project. 

Then, process of Report approval starts.

Last part of grant (10%) is paid via system of refundment, after the approval of Final interim report by Programme Operator (+ if another conditions of Contract were met).

Amount of grant provided: 1 289 795 Eur - contract and supplements

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Biogas power plant and green logistic centre Tvrdošín 

Biomass – our energetic future