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Biogas plant Tvrdošín produces other than organic, green electricity also the excess heat which can be used in various ways. Part of the waste heat from the production of biogas plant Tvrdošín is used for the production and drying of wooden pellets, which are useful as fuel in pellet boilers and special stoves. Pellets are produced directly in the biogas plant which is connected to the drying and pelletizing line. Thus produced pellets are of high quality and customers are provided with a stable source of energy that is cost-effective. Continuous production of biogas plant ensures the continuous production of wood pellets, which can be taken in the agreed quantity according to customer requirements.

For more information about the sale of wooden pellets please contact Mr. Furdek:

Ing. Peter Furdek
manager of biogas plant Tvrdošín
+421 918 020 327
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 Certificate for specification of pellets
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